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You can cut 8 servings from each of our traditional size 10" pies. If you are only looking to satisfy your own craving, all of our pies come in 4.5" tarts. We offer seasonal pies such as pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry and cherry.

  • French Apple - Old fashioned French apple pies are making a comeback! Filled with raisins and chunks of apples, this double crust apple pie is lightly drizzled with fondant.
  • Lattice Apple - This beautiful apple pie makes a great presentation. Not to mention, it is delicious!
  • Double Crust Apple - For those pie lovers, this double crust pie is oozing with freshly cooked apples and cinnamon. This is definitely a winner!
  • Cranberry Apple Oatmeal - A new addition to our pie line, this double crust apple pie has the best ingredients - apples, cranberries and cinnamon, all covered with a unique oatmeal pie crust. This is an autumn favorite!
  • Apple - Chunks of apples coated with cinnamon, topped off with a caramel almond topping
  • Cherry - Celebrate President's Day with our beautiful lattice topped cherry pie
  • Chocolate Meringue - Creamy chocolate custard with toasted meringue
  • Coconut Cream - Custard tossed with sweetened flaked coconut and finished off with toasted meringue and macaroon coconut
  • Coconut - Traditional coconut custard pie; a true Southern favorite!
  • Cranberry Apple - Apples, cinnamon, cranberries and walnuts make this an autumn favorite; finished with a caramel almond topping
  • German Chocolate - Bold and tasty chocolate, sweetened flaked coconut and pecans
  • Lemon Meringue - Luscious, tangy lemon custard finished with toasted meringue; truly our best seller on a daily basis
  • Pecan - A year-round favorite, our traditional pecan pie will please any guest at your dinner table
  • Sweet Potato - Beginning in September, tempt your taste buds with this delicious Southern favorite
  • Pumpkin - Available from Thanksgiving and Christmas, this creamy pie will satisfy any hearty autumn appetite
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