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Cupcakes Displayed on Silver Serving TrayThe cupcake craze just isn't going away! Cupcakes are perfect for folks of all ages and we have plenty to choose from every day. We offer yellow or double fudge cake topped with white or chocolate buttercream. Our original size cupcakes are easily handled by hands of all sizes. Choose from plain, sprinkled, or decorated cupcakes for the perfect snack. Daily selections of cupcakes also include double chocolate, luscious lemon, birthday cake, red velvet, German chocolate, glitter garden, chocolate cherry, and glorious ganache. Special cupcake flavors will sneak in periodically so you must visit on a regular basis. Make parties extra special with custom cupcakes iced and decorated to match your party theme. Animal cupcakes are always a huge hit with the young ones and they are very cute! We also offer mini cupcakes in yellow or double fudge cake. Mini cupcakes can be finished with white, chocolate or colored icing and adorned with edible glitter or sprinkles.

You will make a HUGE statement with the Eiffel Tower of Cupcakes! Designed especially for Mickey's, this tower will hold up to 88 cupcakes. An amazing design, the Eiffel Tower is a piece of work you will not find anywhere else. On display daily, please come to see this awesome structure and let your imagination go wild for cupcakes! Rental fees apply to the tower.