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For your convenience, explanations of terms such as Certified Master Baker and other bakery-related words are provided here. Regarding a Certified Master Baker (CMB), Mickey's Pastry Shop is very proud to be one of a few scratch bakeries in America to boast three generations of Certified Master Bakers.

  • What is a Certified Master Baker?

    One such individual must have the ability to complete complex daily duties in a bakery. Such duties include operating and managing a full-line production bakery. The individual must also possess the technical and administrative skills needed to run an efficient bake shop. The CMB must also have the ability to produce high quality bakery items and have the basic knowledge regarding management, training, marketing and sanitation of one such business.

    In order to apply for certification, one must have a minimum of eight years verifiable working experience in the baking industry. The applicant must take and pass a written exam based on the fundamentals of the baking science. The applicant must then take and pass a two day practical exam. Certified Master Bakers judge each individual on their baking abilities, the quality of the products that are made, and the presentation of the products.

  • What is Rolled Fondant?

    A sweet, heavy cake covering that gives a cake a smooth, glossy finish. This icing can be colored, and it is often used to make decorations such as flowers and bows.

  • What is Ganache?

    A rich, smooth chocolate filling that is made of sugar, butter, cream, and chocolate. Ganache is used as a filling in cakes and candies.

  • What is Buttercream?

    A traditional bakery icing that maintains its softness. Easy to cut through, buttercream can be colored and is used for filling cake layers. It is also used for decorations such as flowers, borders, swags, and other cake decorations.

  • What is Piping?

    Decorative details and decorations for cakes. Piping is done with buttercream, a pastry bag, and a variety of decorating tips used to create a variety of flowers, leaves, borders, and other cake decorations.

  • What is Basketweave?

    This piping technique is made to resemble a basket by piping interwoven lines.

  • What is Cornelli?

    Made to resemble a lace-like pattern, this piping technique is formed with a curvy, continuous line around the cake.

  • Do you deliver?

    Mickey's only delivers tiered wedding cakes. We will also deliver your catering order provided there is a minimum dollar amount purchased.

  • How far in advance do you have to place an order?

    The staff of Mickey's is more than happy to accommodate your last minute orders. Our showcases are stocked daily with fresh products for you to purchase. Our cake case is always filled with colorful cakes for any occasion. If our staff is completely booked with orders that have been placed in advance, or if we are out of what you would like, we may not be able to take your order. If you are in need of a cake at the last minute, our sales staff will recommend that you purchase a fresh cake from our showcase. We will be glad to write on and hold any cake that is in our showcase.

  • Do you ship any of your products?

    We will be glad to ship long johns, coconut tarts or pecan tarts by the dozen only. Each of these products is individually wrapped. Shipping and handling prices will vary due to various destinations. We will also ship t-shirts and hats. Please allow 36 hours for our bakers to produce and package your items. When ordering, please have all address information available, as well as your credit card information.

  • Do you accept credit cards and can I pay for my order in advance?

    We accept Visa and Mastercard. Our sales staff will be glad to assist you if you are paying in advance for your order.

  • Does Mickey's Pastry Shop accept online orders?

    At this time, we do not accept online orders. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you.